Our Story

On March 4th of 2020, Co-Founder Will Duncan was working in a Global Security Intelligence Center while Co-Founder Balaji was a Business Developer. The papers were filed, the LLC was created. They had Errors and Omissions Insurance. Nothing could stop them. Will had just put in his two-weeks notice to pursue ABN Legal Solutions full time as partner, and Balaji was establishing the foundations.  Everything was going smooth. What could possibly go wrong?

By March 11th, the COVID-19 Corona Virus Pandemic had taken the world by storm. People were dying. Families, were forever changed.  The United States, and other countries, began locking down.


In the Title Search Industry, even potential clients were:

-Suspending Operations

-Closing Down

-Laying off employees en masse

-Worrying about having to work from home and addressing the challenges involved.

Worse yet: the Courthouses began to close. How do closings get filed? How are Refinance Loans going to be serviced?? How does the Industry continue??? How will ABN Legal Solutions, a brand new company, survive????

"While other companies are shutting down, we are going up...we don't have a choice: FORWARD AND UP!"

Born in the technological hub of Silicon Valley, California and using the same principles that enabled Silicon Valley to flourish, ABN Legal Solutions quickly became innovative and adapted to the rapid and chaotic challenges our economy faced. From there, our mission was to to ensure delivery of a quality service and product to clients: clients like you!

Forward and up!


Will Duncan


ABN Legal Solutions LLC

US - Remote

(831) 325 - 8471


Our Mission Statement

Forward and Up!

When a global pandemic and the economic impacts occur, we adapt by moving Forward and Up!


When our competitors cannot deliver, we move Forward and Up!

When our clients need to call a vendor but get some call center in a foreign void, we provide the ability to get a domestic contact ASAP: Forward and Up!

When the world struggles to adapt to a chaotic, digital, remote-based state of being, we are already there and moving: Forward and Up!

"Forward and Up!" is not just our mission statement.

It is our core of being.

It can be a cry of victory.

It can be a cheer of congratulations.

It is what we say out loud when we are pulling those 16 hour days.

It motivates us.

It carries us.

It IS us:


Fields of Expertise:

Finance/Accounting Services

Document Retrieval

Tax Certifications

Title Search

Quality Control


We are rapidly expanding our coverage and services. STAY TUNED!